Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer 2013 (the pocket sized edition)

 Whew! Summer 2013 came and left so quickly, I do not even know where time went! 

I am going to try to get back on the blogging train...ALL ABOARD! 

We had quite a few trips to good old BPZ over our summer. 

I helped throw a couple of showers this summer and made my famous diaper cakes (that the boys think is hialrious). 

We had many chances at the beginning of the summer to go to our beloved pool. Towards the end of summer we stayed away, with that weird water virus that was going around. 

 Back when it used to rain, I picked up this haul of Legos on an online garage sale as a rainy day activity.

Over the summer we also went fishing at my dad's quite a few times and Dixon got pretty good. 

We made one trip to an I-Cubbie game, ate in the Cub Club, played in the gym, and left before the fireworks.

Breckin had his first year of Blast Ball and loved it! 

Dixon had his first year of T-ball and loved it as well!

Enjoying the pool!

With all of this on the go, a boy's gotta sleep. And aren't they sweet when they sleep.

 Paging Dr. Dixon.

 We loooved when our best girls, Reese and Charlotte, came to town for visits.

 We spent the Fourth of July at Aunt Darcy's house and the boys had a blast. Later that night we went to watch fire works in Earlham.

Soon after the 4th we took off for a mini vacay in Omaha. We went to the zoo and spent time in our hotel with a water park. 

Back home we continued to spend time outside, go on walks in jammies, and shuck corn.

We were lucky enough to be able to spend a week in Okoboji with my mom, sister Tasha and her amazing girls.

When we arrived home we continued our adventure at the great Adventureland park.

Add in another trip to BPZ...

and a few days of building train tracks and our summer is pretty much summed up.

We can't leave out our trip to the one and only Iowa State Fair...

Or our visit from Max,

Or play dates with sweet, blonde friends.


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