Thursday, February 24, 2011


When your husband asks you if we are going to have a funeral for the blog, I think that it is safe to say you are in a blogging funk.

Actually, after reviewing most of my previous posts, I would say my blogging has hit an all time low.

There are many reasons for not posting and many are the same old same old.

But I beg you, hang in there dear readers (all 10 of you), I promise to be back and better than ever.

Friday, February 11, 2011

two boys, one shirt

A few things can be noticed by these pictures...

D and B are both full of life and happy little campers. 

I love to coordinate my boys dress, even if they do not match exactly (which I REALLY like).

They crack each other up. 

They will only sit still for four camera clicks. Max.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

attention please.

 It's peanut butter jelly new header time! Finally just in time for spring, I got rid of summer's header and have moved to fall's pictures. Two seasons behind isn't too bad. 
You should see my clothes. 


well well well look who it is...

I know, I know...bad mama blogger! Here is just a small glimpse of what has been going on (or lack there of) the past few days weeks. 

1.     My boys have been sick for most of the past two weeks. They had RSV and ear infections. We have tried 4 different antibiotics, several breathing treatments, nasal rinses, tons of Tylenol and Advil, and lots of resting a cuddling and I think we are finally on the mend. I was so thankful for those two snow days in a row, so that I could be home to cuddle my littles.

2.     Breckin is HATING baths. He never really liked them, but now he screams his bloody brains out each and every time he is even held above the bath tub. I hope this is not a clue in to how he will feel about the pool this summer…

3.     Dixon is seriously amazing me with his how he has grown into the role of big brother. He will always give Breckin at least one of what he is playing with. He LOVES to  wrestle Breckie and usually knows when to let up a bit. The one thing we are still working on…taking turns on his my ipad.

4.     Did I ever tell you that Adam surprised me with said ipad for Christmas? We never spend that much on each other and rarely buy a gift without consulting the other, so I was shocked when he presented me with this must have gift. I felt very undeserving, but he assured me that I do deserve such an awesome gift…what a guy! J

5.     This post is solely written due to pressure from my Aunt Darcy. You know the one with the two boys who are the same months apart as my two boys only 13 years older? Her boys are both so sweet, polite and kind and I would love for my little guys to turn out just like them. So I listen to all of her advice, even on blogging matters.

6.     Breckin is seriously cracking us up with his words. EVERYTHING is no. Some days, if he even catches my eye, he will bellow, “No, nono.” He also boasts, “dada” “mama” “Hi” and “bye” to his repertoire.

7.     Dixon was released from the care of his thumb dr! Woohoo! The thumb does not hyper extend, but Dr. L said he still considers it a success. There is also a lot of scar tissue, but the Dr. said once he gets a little bigger, he will never know: (enter deep sigh of relief) :)

8.     Another birthday has come and gone…I must say having facebook makes birthdays much less painful. Who knew so many people would remember my big day?

9.     This will be Adam and I’s tenth Valentine’s day as each others valentines. I wanted to do something big for him on the blog…we will see if I find the time, or it may be postponed another year.

10.   Sweet Reesey Cup (along with parents) is coming for a visit this weekend and I could not be more excited! I hear that she is a bouncing machine in her jumperoo!!!