Thursday, August 23, 2012

This is for you, Aunt Darcy.


Summer flew by at an incredible rate.

Adam was busy finishing up his gen ed credits and I worked three days a week in a cubicle.

While the boys enjoyed every minute of their park playing, pool swimming, pond fishing summer.

Yesterday was my first official day at school. It went well, but I am already missing being home with my boys (and my naps, of course).

The first home football game is Friday and Adam and Dixon both start back to school next week. Fall is in full swing!

A few updates on the boys:

1. Breckin still calls Dixon "Breck".

2. Dixon is 110% potty trained!

3. Breckin still prefers to be on the go all day everyday, while Dixon would rather "stay home".

4. Dixon is now able to successfully sleep away from home, Breckin is still working on this skill.

5. Dixon has become a master of the Wii mote.

6. Both boys spent an huge amount of time at the pool, river, park, lake, and grandparents.

It has been one glorious summer filled with lots of laughs, naps, and good times.


Big B

Big Boy Breckin.

Blonde hair, blue eyed boy. 

Bouncing bundle of joy.

Brex, Breckies, Breckie, big boy Breck.


My sweet, sweet Dixon.

Silly and sensitive.

Starting school soon.

Smiley pie.

Selective eater.

Sweet, Sweet Dixon. 

The I-Cubs are my Cubs...brought to you by Instagram.