Saturday, November 29, 2008

Throw me a bone!

Now that Dixon is mobile...and I mean MOBILE ! It seems like yesterday he didn't quite understand the crawling motions. Now I am chasing him from room to room. The other day when I left the room for a split second and came back and found Dixon with one of Lady's bones...Now he has TONS of toys, but he always seems to go right for her bones, our papers, lady's food, cords, ect...everything but HIS toys! YUCK! Looks like it's time to babyize the little yellow house!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The new boss...

This ad cracks me up every time I see it! Dixon is getting better and better about letting us know when he is irritated...when we put him in his crib, or his swing, or his Jumperoo, or hold him the wrong way, change his diaper, leave the room, pass him off to the other, ect, ect.
We are hoping that this is just a stage...or maybe we are having some teething issues going on...we are just trying are darndest, "Not to irritate our new boss!" ;)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I did NOT spend the later part of last week devising a plan to take down (minus Kayla!), for what they have done to me and my car seat fairytale!

I did NOT then realize that there was no way one mad mom could do such a thing...and shop at Target Wednesday to pick up ONLY necessities. ;)

Dixon has NOT started to wake up in the middle of the night SCREAMING again...NOPE, didn't I tell you that he has been sleeping ALL night?

I have not seriously contemplated not putting our tree up because Dixon will surely TEAR IT DOWN! Because he as become a CRAWLING, GRABBING MONSTER!

I did not then decide that we would put our tiny tree on our tiny table, in our tiny house...NOPE Adam and I eat at the table every night, and there is PLENTY of room in our home to put the tree!

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I like to oat oat oat...

opples and banonos....

A little Raffi anyone? I don't know if good old Raffi is still around...I don't even really remember him from my childhood. I DO know all of his songs however, because Aunt Maddy LOVED Raffi when she was a little one!

That has been a popular song around our house latley, with Dixon's love for fruit. He especially likes apples and bananas! This is quite the contraption that you put the bananas (or other food) in the mesh top and let them go at it. Although it is a little keeps him busy for a while and he loves his bananas!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I did not buy **4** Britax car seats last night from CAN pass up a bargain and I do NOT act like a maniac when I am presented with a clearance.

I did NOT proceed to text everyone I know with a small child, to let them know of the steal...not me, I can control myself!

Everyone at my house was NOT sick for the past 6 days...nope "we are just fine!"

I did NOT tell my mom she did not need to come over and then I did NOT call my mom a bawling mess because everyone was at my house was sick, and I needed my MOM!

I was not so out of my mind that my mom had to call in sick for me to school...NO, I can control my emotions and I do not overreact.

I did NOT snap at my husband more than once for his simple requests when he was sick...NOPE, I know how it felt to be that sick and I would never snap at my husband!

I did not go through every crib sheet in our house and then I did NOT start lying blankets over the swing and letting Dixon sleep in there.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today little Dixon is 7 months old. He rang in his birthday with a round of vomiting, and has been having diarrhea throughout the day. This video was taken a few days ago when he was in better spirits, however today he is not too fussy...just extra cuddly, which I am not complaining about. :)

At 7 months Dixon is still loving he Jumperoo...he is crawling like CRAZY!...he is going to bed before 9:00 and sleeping through the night (I hope I don't regret that one!)...he loves his fruits and veggies...he is a master of funny noises...he resists diaper changes at all costs...he is out growing he swing...he is a super giggle box...

At 7 months Mommy and Daddy never ceased to be amazed by him and by how lucky we are to have him! He is the light of our lives and we know we are truly blessed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Now that I am off of my death bed, I can FINALLY update the blog...

1. Dixon has a BRAND new tooth! Grandma Gayle was the one to discover it!

2. I have been sicker than a DOG! I will leave it at that.

3. Dixon is a car carrying member of the crawling club! For a while he has been lunging and leaning and squirming and diving...but now HE IS CRAWLING!

4. Adam has stopped playing wow! :) (But bought an xbox) ;(

Pics to come tomorrow when BIG BOY is 7 months...where did month 6 go?!?!?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not me Monday!

I was not seriously worried after reading Mckmama's post about taking a break that she would not do her Not Me Mondays!

I should not be working on an IEP that is due today, as I am typing my Not Me Mondays...

I definitely did not buy scratch tickets last week, because I thought that I could really win big.

I did not print my handouts for my college class in pink and wear a pink shirt...that would be WAY too cutesy elementary school teacher for me...

I did not think it was even a little bit funny when Dixon was doing his noises during the entire church service...

I would NEVER and I mean NEVER let my dishes pile up so high that when I finally went to do them it took two loads in the dishwasher.

I did not feel a hint of sadness when I learned that the Girls Next Door were all breaking up...because I do NOT like that is FILTH!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Not me Monday!

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I do not still have bags to unpack from the trip I did not take over a week ago!

I did not threaten to leave my husband if he didn't stop playing video games...nope. I would never overreact like that!

I did not lose my phone for the 500th time, turn it in to phone insurance, only to find it my purse 10 minutes ago!

I was definitely NOT semi obsessed with the birth of Stellan ( also from MckMama @ this past week. I did not sit at school CONSTANTLY refreshing my computer to get the latest updates.

When Stellan was born healthy...I did NOT tell everyone at school, like I actually knew the family. That would be border line stalker!

I did not get 11 hours of sleep on Saturday night and still require a nap on Sunday. Day light savings time did NOT get to me...

Happy Halloween!

Mr. Blue Eyes

Trick or treat Grandma!

Flying monkey!

We had such a great time on Trick or Treat night. We went just a few places and then we hurried over to watch the volleyball girls play an amazing game. They only have one game left before state! Dixon did not mind his little monkey suit at all...but I think he got a little hot! It was a BEAUTIFUL night...just not monkey suit weather!