Thursday, January 27, 2011

my mom is in jail.

{I knew that would get your attention.}

My mom is not really in jail. 

{Have you met my mom?} ;)

She is doing a fundraiser for MDA in support of a student at her school where she is principal, who has muscular dystrophy. She cares so much about all of her kids at school, but his fundraiser is near and dear to her heart. And what is near and dear to her is near and dear to me. And what is near and dear to me is near and dear to my loyal blog readers. Right? Right. 

So even if it is just $5, please consider donating to my mom's bail. 

My mom is in jail for MDA. 

{Isn't she great?}
Click on the link above.

{The blue words, Grandma Patty.}


Monday, January 24, 2011

let it snow!

I mean, I don't really know what everyone is complaining about this winter. When else can you leave a fountain pop in your car overnight and have it taste better in the morning?  Getting to have random days off of school. Having an excuse to dress my children in shark hats and mittens. These are reason enough for me to heart winter. Big time. As if I did not need another reason Dixon loves to play in the snow. Getting all dressed up to go out there, not so much. But we are working on that part.

While Breckin watched with mama from the comfort of our living room, Dixon and daddy walked, threw snowballs, made snow angels, and promptly came in asking for hot cocoa. 

Judging by the following photos, it's hard to tell who likes to play out in the snow more... ;)


Friday, January 21, 2011


I have reached a major milestone in my life, a turning point, if you will. I have no interest in watching the new season of Jersey Shore. For those of you who thought you knew me, I apologize. Could it be that I am maturing? That my motherly instincts are kicking in and I would just die if my children acted like that?

While I will still catch the main (most disgusting) points from each episode on "The Soup" each Friday night, I no longer feel the need to set the DVR. 

Sorry Snooki, The Situation and everyone else, but these are the only Juiceheads for me.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

b is 1!!!

It is so hard to believe that my sweet Breckin Kendrix is now well over one year old. It has been hard to accept this fact, much harder than it was with Dixon. Case(s) in point.

The day after Christmas when we put the swing (that had been broken for well over 4 months) (that he was much to big for) on the side of the road for the garbage man, I was a total wreck.

Just last week when I packed up all of the bottles and bottle parephenilia I shed more than a few tears.

This week when I (finally) made the switch from his INFANT carrier to his big boy carseat I was a basket case.

Now that I am letting him cry it out at night, I am close to being committed.

Why are these things so much harder the second time around? I think with Dixon I was always ready to move on to the next phase. But now that I see how quickly each phase comes and goes I am trying to keep Breckin in these baby phases for as long as I possibly can. With Dixon it was my goal in life to have him walking by his first birthday, however with Breckin, I am perfectly content with him crawling around for as long as his little heart desires.

I don't want to forget exactly how Breckin was at this here goes...

People are always commenting on what a happy baby he is (and it is true!).
He is the proud owner of 6 teeth, 4 bottom and 2 top.
He has stood on his own once (with Aunt Natalie) and can easily navigate around all types of furniture/legs.
Breckin is a much bigger eater than his big bro, he loves bananas, yogurt, green beans, macaroni, ect, ect, ect.
Breckin has the deeeeeepest voice. My dad refers to him as Froggy, while Grandma Gayle insists that he will be a great singer.
His favorite word is no or "nananana." (loud and deep) He repeats this to anyone who tells him no. :)
Lately when he smiles, he crinkles up his noes.
He is often chosen to be Dixon wrestling partner, I am working on getting this on video, but I swear sometimes I think I am watching a real high school wrestling match in my living room (more to come on this).
He loves to play, sit by, or even be in the same vicinity as his big brother.
And just like Dixon, Breckin loves to rough house on the bed with Daddy.

Breckin Kendrix has honestly brought more love and joy to his dad, brother and I than I ever thought possible. It is so hard to imagine our family without him. We love you Breckie K! :)

A very busy birthday for a very big boy.

This sweet baby boy had a birthday recently December 30th. His special day was just 3 days after my major surgery wisdom teeth removal. I was a little loopy and sore, but we still did it up big for our littlest boy.

First Aunt Madi and I took the birthday boy and his big brother to Build a Bear, the play place at the mall and out to eat drive through McDonald's.

Sweet Dixon has such a giving heart and was so excited to make a bear for his little brother for his birthday.

The play place was a wild and crazy madhouse but both boys had fun and did not contract any major viruses!

We came home for a quick nap and then went off to see Grandpa Don, Grandma Chris (who are currently on a 8 day cruise!!!) and Uncle Colt so they could spoil Mr. Breckies.

Dixon was a very big helper, blowing out candles and unwrapping gifts. :)

Next we went to Grandma Wendy's house for a monkey of a celebration. Our littlest monkey however was wearing down. Luckily he was able to perk up for some cupcakes and ice cream.

{I love this pic, it's like he is saying, "Are you kidding me?"}

I think Uncle Jackson enjoyed Breckin's tube more than Breckin. ;)

By the time we arrived at Grandma Gayle's we were all exhausted, well except for Dixon and Breckin, who were still wrestling, crawling, and rough housing around. :)


Monday, January 10, 2011


You may want to remove your contacts now and keep your Visine handy. 

Our first stop on this year's tour de Christmas was Grandma Karen's Thanksmas on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It is always SO much fun when all TWELVE cousins (now +4 baby cousins) can get together. There is sure to be much laughter, 28 stockings, wild air plane rides, and many memories shared.

The weekend before Christmas we got together with family at my dad and Chris's house. All six kids, their spouses and all THIRTEEN grandchildren were all in attendence. The boys had so much fun and were constantly entertained and dotted over by their older cousins. :)

All 13 cousins...ages 19 to 3 months...crazy! ;)

We FINALLY got out of school early on the 23rd. When we arrived at Grandma Wendy's Aunt Tasha and Aunt Madi had already been slaving away making ALL kinds of treats...:) Dixon was lucky enough to get to join in on the fun and decorate his own pan own pan of sugar cookies.

Dixon's signature touch.

Christmas Eve we ate hamballs and cheesey potatoes at Grandma Wendy's and Grandpa Jack's then went to see Aunt Natalie, Uncle Nate, Grandma Gayle and Grandpa Dan. Dixon took his my new ipad everywhere we went this Christmas. He loves that thing and I must say there are some very educational apps for people his age, plus his fave, Fruit Ninja. ;)

On Christmas morning, once my Santa clad babies were able to open their eyes, the opened their gifts at home with mom and dad and a puppy and a dragon who took up the entire living room...:)

Next we went to Grandma Wendy's and Grandpa Jack's where Tasha, Eric, Reesey, Madi and Jackson were patiently waiting to open their gifts.

By the time we could open gifts, put them together, eat breakfast casserole and dote on Reesey, it was time get dressed and go to Grandma Patty and Grandpa Don's for our next event.

These three little buddies were able to spend time with aunts, uncles, cousins and ipads.

When we left Grandma Patty's we headed back for Grandma Gayles...where after cooking a yummy ham dinner had become sick with the flu.We ate the dinner and played with the boys toys and headed home. I could not resit going to my mom's annual Christmas night party, so Breckie and I left Adam and Dixon at home and went to our last party of the evening.

On the 26th after Grandma Wendy came over and helped me sort through and organize all of the Christmas madness we went over to Grandma Marge's for one last Christmas. It was so nice to see Adam's cousins Hillary (California), Jared (Colorado) and Sasha (Iowa City). Grandma Gayle also brought a cake so baby B could have his first birthday celebration.

The very NEXT day on the 27th I had my wisdom teeth removed which went as well as can be expected. Three short days later Mr. Breckies turned the big ONE! 

If you made it all the way to the end of this post you are probably either an aunt or grandma or serious blogger stalker.