Monday, April 27, 2009

Dixon by numbers.

7...the number of days Dixon has been sick.

104...the highest his temp has gotten.

4,887... spots on his little body.

5...sleepless nights in a row.

11...teeth poking through.

2...different antibiotics we have tried.

4...trips to the dr this week.

24...hours a day Dixon would like to spend on my lap.

1...exhausted mom that wants her little bear to feel better.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our little angel.

There is a photographer in town, Lori Nordstrom, who every year creates a Little Angels calendar. She charges a donation to the Lukemia and Lymphoma Foundation for your sitting fee. She later makes the most AMAZING calendars of the images she shoots.

We thought it was a great opportunity to support a cause while getting much precious pictures of our baby boy. You can click HERE, go to clients and friends, and enter the password alexander to view the angel in action!

We are VERY MUCH looking forward to Dixon's one year pictures with the very talented Nikole Harmon...a week from Sunday!

After all...can you ever have enough pictures of a strawberry blonde, curly haired, blue eyed, smiley, baby boy???

I didn't think so.

Monday, April 20, 2009

March of Dimes...

I was so very fortunate to have such an easy pregnancy and delivery with a healthy baby. I am constantly grateful for this and do not forget for one day that we were incredibly lucky.
Dixon, and all babies are truly miracles, this is why I think it is so important to support organizations like the March of Dimes, an organization that strives for the day when all babies are born full term and healthy.

A sweet family here in town have a son Dixon's age, are walking in memory of their twin boys. I think it is an awesome way to support an organization like The March of Dimes, who have done so much for all of our babies!

Please consider sponsoring them in their walk!

There is a direct link to make a donation, on the right hand side of my blog.

You can also click HERE to get to Carrie's home page.

Here is Dixon's buddy Brooks, walking for his big brothers...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

"We could just tie him to the chair."

I was not aware that this is legal and definetley not aware that this happened to me when I was little.

Dixon with Grandma Patty...the one who started it all, this crazy family with their chair tying habits.

When there was no highchair at the farm this weekend. Grandma Patty suggested...

"We could just tie him to the chair."

What! Was Grandma kidding? This is not legal.
Were they trying to make an Amelia Bedilia out of me again? Tie him to a chair must have a double meaning. Nope. It simply means get a tea towel and tie your baby to the chair.

Grandma and the other mothers assured me that they all tied their kids to chairs when there was no highchair available. I thought this was too funny. It ended up being the joke of the day...if an older cousin would get out of line we would say..."Tie her to her chair!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The following are a hodge podge of pictures from our BIG day on Saturday, with an explination at the end of the post...
I am finishing up two classes this next week I will be able to go into greater detail...I know, you are on the edge of your seat (all 8 of you!).

Yesterday Dixon turned one year old! It is so crazy to think how fast time has FLOWN by! Here are ten trivia facts about our 1 year old...
1. He has 9 teeth!
2. Currently his likes to play with anything he can roll on the floor.
3. He takes 3-4 steps and stands.
4. He IS GOING TO SLEEP ON HIS OWN!!! (patting myself on the back) But we are still working on the middle of the night wakings.
5. He is saying dada and baba and aaaaa. (Yes, no mama;( )
6. His favorite show is Backyardigians and I am not ashamed!
7. His favorite movie is Baby Signing Time.
8. He is drinking ALL whole milk.
9. He probably has wubba a little more than he should.
10. He is still Mr. Happy (most of the time).

He is also the bussiest baby on the block! This last weekend, we celebrated 2 Easters and had 2 parties.

On Sunday Dixon and I woke up early after Adam was off to work and went to sunrise service at our church. It was worth it...I love being there as the sun first shines through the stain glass. However, I found out that it is MUCH different to take a one year old to church, than a baby. He was wild man sam!

We came home, took a nap and headed out to the farm, not to be confused with Grandpa Don and Grandma Chris's farm (which is just across the iron bridge). The farm was my great grandparents, and when they passed away my dad, his brothers and my grandpa bought it in the auction. It is fun to celebrate out there with all of the family, just like we did when they were here with us. We had an Easter/Dixon celebration!!

Adam (the birthday boy) met us at his mom's house for another Easter/Dixon bash! We had a doggie egg hunt, as well as a person one. We ate and Adam and Dixon opened presents and had their cake. Dixon was MUCH more in to eating his cake the 2nd time around! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy oh Daddy,
We think you are super raddy.
Dixon loves to ride on your shoulders,
You are the best at red rover red rover.
You cook us dinner every night,
With you, we never have a firght.
We love to go with you on long walks,
It is the best when you can play and talk.
You make Dixon laugh by just looking into his eyes.
When you are gone, we cray and cry.
You are the best husband around,
Even though sometimes you act like a clown.
Dixon is SO lucky to have a daddy like you.
When you are around we are never blue!

Mommy and Dixon.

It has been amazing to watch you with are such a great dad and amazing husband!
Love you!
Kendra :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Last year at this time...

We were still in "discussion" over baby names.

Dixon was due in one week.

I was sitting at home after waddling around Best Buy for Adam's birthday present.

We had NO idea when Dixon would decide to come, we were ANXIOUSLY awaiting his arrival.

I was sitting on the same couch watching The Soup and Adam was in bed (not everything has changed).

Adam and I could have never imagined how much our lives were about to change, for the better.

I was 500 sticks of butter heavier! (WW girls will know the conversion rate.)

I had just finished a LONG day at Stowe School!

We had no idea how much this little bear would make our hearts and our love grow exponentially.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

In case you've missed us...

Here is a brief update on our lives...

* I have been working on the paper from HECK! From the Harvard Law School Ed. Research class I am taking. I just submitted it to my I feel like I can breathe again! Ahhhhh. Everyone in the Alexander house is glad that it is over with!

*Dixon is about to turn one! He is growing like crazy and it is SO hard to believe it one year ago that he was born. In some ways it seems like he has been with us forever and some ways it feels like time has gone so fast!

* Adam has just won the park and rec. volleyball championship and is ECSTATIC! He has done a great job (as always) helping out while I was a MAD woman trying to finish my paper!

No pics today...I don't even think I have had the camera out in a week! I am working on things for Dixon's birthday partieS and Easter! I'm sure next week with be picture and post filled!

Until then...

Friday, April 3, 2009

The best $8 I have ever spent...

In the past two weeks I have spent the best $8 of my life, TWICE!

First at IKEA we got Dixon this doctor's office bead toy...which he LOVES...for only $8...and we don't even have to pay the co pay to play with it!


I was searching online for MIRACLE cures for diaper rash...and found that many people recommended Bag Balm...which gets it's name because it was originally created for cold chapped cow udders. Luckily our small town pharmacy carries this miracle product...yes pharmacy. The same one with a fountain in the back with the best old fashioned cherry coke. The same pharamcy that allows 26 year olds to charge to their parents...carries Bag Balm for $8! Happy hineys at the Alexander house!