Monday, January 23, 2012

bpz on nye.

It has been so unseasonably warm this winter here that we were able to take a trip to the zoo on New Years Eve. 

Granted we were wearing coats and hats, and not all of the animals were out, but still we made an enjoyable trip to the zoo on December 31st. 

Why yes, that is a yeti on Breckin's head. Isn't it the cutest? Dixon, however, insists on wearing his shark hat from last year. :)

Aunt Rachel in San Fran sent us family zoo passes for Christmas this year. We were so excited to put them to good use and plan to go often this spring and summer.

Dixon telling Daddy all about the fishies.

There is a new sea lion exhibit that was open and the sea lions were out to play. 

The boys loved it!

I'm in LOVE with these last two pics of Breck. I really love catching the sunlight in pictures. It is totally by chance though. This summer it is on my to do list to take a class to learn how to work this camera. :)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big B's Bday.

To start the day we went to a place called Pump it Up with tons of inflatables. The boys LOVED it! 

Especially the man of the hour. :)

After pumping it up, we ate at El Rodeo so the boys could get their fix of chips and salsa. 

Then it was home for nap time. 

Breckin still needs a nap each day, Dixon usually just rests.

Just coming off of Christmas, Breckin had become a pro at digging into presents. 

And Dixon was eager to help.

Two of the birthday boys favorite foods are ice cream and Oreos, so it was a no brainer to get him an Oreo ice cream cake for his big day.

Ahhh yes, it sure was fun to spend the day celebrating our second born on his second birthday.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Insta Friday on a Sunday night.

Deeeeeep in thought.

Are you my mother?
The stockings were hung....
Breck at the zoo on NYE.
Wild men!
Fun on the farm.
Christmas train at Valley West.
Cake pops for Breckin's birthday.
Zoo on NYE...Iowa is becoming a tropical paradise.
Breckies and Aunt Natalie on Christmas night.
HAPPY Christmas break walk.
First week back at work...I love beating the sun to school.