Saturday, December 31, 2011

Would you believe it if I told you...

My husband never even had braces. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

What loves refried beans, toy cars, and waking up early?

  Just a few things I do not want to forget about my sweet second born on his second birthday:

1. His deep little voice and the way that he walks with his chest puffed out. 

2. His favorite phrase is "I do" he uses it when he wants something, or when he wants to do something basically 24/7. 

3. He also uses "help please" very appropriately. 

4. Breckie loves anything and everything to do with the movie "Cars"

5. He has the best sound effects, like "woah" and "wow" and "woohoo."

6.  He goes by B, Brex, Breckie, Breckies, Breckie K, Brek, and of course Breckin. 

7. Loves to eat refried beans, mac and cheese, glazed donuts, and chicken nuggets. 

8. Breckin is my early riser, we usually get a few hours together before his brother and dad wake up. 

9. He is on the soon as you say the words, he is standing by the door, ready to go. 

10. Mr. Breckies is chalk full of personality in a way that you would not believe.

 I know it is cliche, but it is so true that a baby fills a void in your life you didn't even know you had. 

And that's the way it's always been with Breckin. He brightens many a days with his laughter a zest for life. 

Breckin Kendrix is busting at the seems with life. He has been a blessing since the day he arrived and our family continues to be very blessed with this amazing little guy.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011: The pocket sized edition


The day after Thanksgiving Santa Claus visited our courthouse.

Dixon was really excited to see him but Breckin wasn't so sure. 

However, they both decided not to look at the camera.

The week before Christmas Dixon and I went to Christmas at my dad's house. 
Breckin and Adam would have loved to go, but Breckin was at the dr that same morning and diagnosed with strep throat. 

With six kids, 13.5 grandkids, spouses and friends there was not a lack of entertainment or laughs. Breckie's present was hand delivered the very next day.

The boys and Adam and I made a special trip to Des Moines the week before Christmas to ride the train and see the Jolly Holiday Lights. The boys loved both experiences, although JHL got a little long. :)

Christmas morning the boys Adam woke everyone up at 6 am. The boys were greeted by plenty of cars, trucks, Star Wars, and even a new sled. 

At about 7:30 on Christmas morning we headed out to Grandma Wendys to see family and open more gifts.

After Grandma Wendy's, our next stop was Grandma Gayles where we saw more aunts and uncles and opened even more gifts.

Next, we went home for a small break to change into matching argyle sweaters, before going to 

Grandma Patty's house for snacks, gifts, family and laughs.

Next was back to grandma Gayles for her delish ham and pineapple gravy. Yummmmmm.

The boys were also able to see Grandpa Louis and Grandma Nancy,

eat lots and lots of peanut butter pie,

and rough house with their Aunt Natalie.

I then dropped all three boys off at home and went back to my moms. 

Where she took care of my tension headache with rotating warm cloths and an ice pack.

Ahhhh yes...another successful Christmas.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

fa la la la la

Our humble little tree, with only plastic ornaments. 

But I swear the boys see it as 30 feet tall. 

{BIG grin}

This year Dixon told Santa he wants a Batman and Star Wars guys. 

The boys and the big guy. 

Sorry, no pics with the boys looking at the camera. :S

Thank goodness Santa was looking...always a true professional. :)

{Side note} 

We took the boys to the mall on Monday night in an attempt to get a picture of Santa with 

faces, but to no avail. The line was SOO long.

 My bf in SF's amazing tree!

My first response?

Is there a tree under there? ;)

Breckie's "Elf" inspired creation. 

What are those food groups? Candy, candy canes candy corn, and syrup?

I think my children have adopted that same philosophy.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

a few things

1. I'm baaaaack! I have been in a blogging funk lately, but since I have sent it out with my Christmas cards, I better get back on the blog train! :D

2. I forgot my camera on Thanksgiving, but it went off with out a hitch. Three big meals in six ours left our tummies and our hearts very full.

3. Black Friday was crazy. I mean crazy. We have never seen it so wild. I think it was because the stores are opening earlier and earlier. Still we braved the elements, and by elements I mean insane soccer moms, and got some great deals. PS...if you see me, ask me about the Burberry look-alike scarf I scored!

4. Cousin Thanksmas was also a huge hit. It was held at my moms and there was tons of food thanks to Uncle Lance and TONS of DMTC paraphernalia thanks to Jack.

5. Dixon will only wear "soft pants", much to my dismay. Sometimes I can trick him by saying that, "these are soft jeans" or "Santa likes jeans." Is this sad or what?

6. My sister Tasha found out that she is having another sweet baby girl! Charlotte is set to arrive mid April and I could not be more excited!

Watch for a post coming up with actual pictures of these sweet little guys...

Monday, December 12, 2011

In case you've missed us

Here is what we have been up to the past week...


Brace off

Pink eye

Pink eye

Ear infection



Lots of meds, drops, creams, ect.

There. Now you are caught up on our life.

Pics of cute boys to come soon.