Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ads and serious steps

As you can see, I took the plunge.

I finally clicked that "monetize" button I have been DYING to click since it appeared about a year ago.

And while I do not blog to make money (I blog soley due to pressure from family members).

Nor do I expect to make a mckmama mint.

I just figured that it couldn't hurt and it might help.

Plus, it was taken from my master list (written on a memo in my Blackberry) entitled "Ways to make/save money"

I have now made enough to purchase a meal deal at Subway. Woot! ;)

On another note, Breckin is now taking serious steps! Last night for the first time, he took more than 2 steps in a row! He walked from the chair all the way over to the couch to his Uncle Jackson! 

Way to go B!!! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

baby blues in the rear view

Breckie is so happy to be facing forward. Thanks to his dad, who said at 14 months that it was time to face the big boy forward.

And boy oh boy does he love to see what is going on out the window and with his big brother.

And his mama loves to be able to look in the rear view mirror and see his beautiful baby blues. 


Friday, March 25, 2011

Do you smell that?

No, no it is not the smell of the just-changed poopy diaper lingering.

It is the smell of change, in the air.

     It all started a few weeks ago when Adam  bbm'ed me that he wanted to go back to school to be a teacher. I figured it was just a passing thought, until I got home that night and saw the look on his face. He had not been so excited about anything in a long time. I realized that even though this may be hard, we had to figure out a way to do it. Adam's last day at work is April 15th. He will start summer classes to begin working toward his teaching degree. We are hoping that this will take two years to complete.
At first I was very worried a total basket case about what we were going to do. I had so many questions running through my head and a lot of things to get straightened out. But I know we will be able to do it, it will just take some sacrificing. I think my dad said it best, when I saught his advice he told me:

"Kid, sometimes in a marriage you have to give each other room to grow."

Ahhhhhh yes, that smell is change and it will be ok. Our love will hold us together. 

Much more to come on this topic and the changes that will be taking place. 


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Have you ever tried these snack catchers?
I must say that the make my life about 37% easier. 
I own 4 of them and if I could ever remember to pick up  more,  I would.  

  I put gold fish, yogurt puffs, fruit loops, teddy grahams, and basically anything else in them. 
The boys can drop them, throw them across the room, do back flips while holding them and not one crumb will end up on the floor. 
LOVE these. 

What makes your life easier?

{I need all the help I can get.}


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

spring break thanks to blackberry.

Since my camera is a little on the fritz I will share our spring break pics via the trusty blackberry. 
(Don't worry, nothing serious, I just need to read up a little.)

We had many great mini adventures over our week long holiday. 
We made a special trip down to the river. 
Where Dixon was able to through as many rocks as his little heart desired. 
Breckin was not sure what to think of the sand so he spent most of the time with a death grip on the collar of my shirt. 
Well, except for the time Uncle Colton was trying to dunk him in the river. 
My dad (the naturalist) is taking part in a program called CRP. 
He is clearing the brush around the river and I must say that it looks beautiful. 
I especially LOVE that we can see across the river to Grandpa Pete's farm and the cabin up on the hill. 

We also made a few glorious trips to Target, where my darling boys were rewarded at the end with pizza and people watching in the Target cafe.

We spent much of our time playing outside, most days the weather was lovely.

We usually end up walking around the block or playing next door at the Stanford's house. Speaking of the Stanfords, the brought home a beautiful baby girl over break. :)

We also made the trip up to Clear Lake to see Tasha, Eric and baby Reesey. 

The boys and I made it both ways without stopping. 

Yes, we did not stop, even to hang the Cars blankie out the window or to take pictures of sweet sleepy babies.

Pure talent or totally distracted driving?

Please don't answer that.

The boys and I just stayed for one night. In which we watched Despicable Me 8 times and played musical beds for 8 hours. 

I even attempted to put my almost 15 month old in his 6 month old cousin's swing to get him to sleep. 

All to no avail. 

Needless to say we were able to 4 hour naps when we arrived home.

To go along with our unsafe theme, Breckin also had a near death expierence at Target. 

Usually I let the boys choose if they want to ride in the front or the back of the cart. 

At this point of the Target trip Dixon was in the front of the cart and Breckie was in the back.

Mr. Breckin was standing like Leo on the Titanic, the proud rider of his cart. 

When all of the sudden he saw something he wanted and leeeeaaaaaaned out of the cart.

He did a total flip over and landed on the hard ground on his back/back of his head. 

Cue Kendra "OH MY GODDDD!!!"


Cue 7 Target workers rushing to our aid asking us to fill out incident reports. 

No major injuries resulted, just a bump on Breckin's head and a broken heart for mama. 

In a lame attempt to make myself feel better, I asked the Target worker, "Does this happen a lot?" To

which she replied, "No, usually parents strap them in."

As my kids at school would say, EPIC FAIL.

Here is sweet Reese in all of her pink glory. 

Couldn't you just squeeeeeezeeee those cheekies?

Friday, March 18, 2011

point two

When Dixon arrives at home it takes him about point two seconds to get his coat off, throw it on the floor, find the ipad and pull up Angry Birds. 

Have you jumped on the Angry Birds wagon?
If not, I must reccomend it. 
Yes, this is me, hater of all things video game, promoting a video game. 
It is seriously addicting. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

what's on my playlist

We've been having some changes lately at the Alexander house.

One of them has been our church.

I had been feeling the tug for a while now. To attend a newer church in our town and I can not tell you how much I am loving it. There are a ton of kids and a lot of people our age.

The timing has been amazing and I just feels great to be a part of it.

Here is one of the songs that we sing. I can not tell you how much it speaks to me right now. Plus, I think it fits the blog theme pretty darn well too. 

I must say though, it is not as good here as it is at church, the worship team does awesome, and I can barely hear myself belting it out. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mr. Potato Head is a sass pot and other unrelated thoughts.

As I look at these pictures, I can't help but share a few thoughts.

1. Breckie will sit for two whole showings of Toy Story I. 

2. Because I have seen it so many times I have noticed that Mr. Potato Head (pictured) is quite the sass pot. 
Did you know he asks Slink, "Did you take stupid pills this morning?"
And when he thinks that Slink is kissing up to Woody, he removes his lips and puts them on his rear. 
Vulgar, I tell you. 
Still, we watch it everyday, sometimes twice. 

3. My floors are dirty, this is typical. At least once I day I think to myself, "I wish I was a better homemaker."
It is not my fault, this is just not the way I was programmed. Tasha got the homemaker gene straight from Grandma Patty, the same one that Aunt Darcy inherited.
I often wish I was one of those people, who "can not go to bed with a messy house."
Obviously I am not.

 4. Breckie is darn cute and these striped fleece pants make him even cuter. 
I am so glad I bought the next size up for next winter, as well. 

5. I am really glad we went to all of that work this summer to have our hard wood floors refinished. Now I no longer have to strategically crop photos to hide the rough spots. 

6. Both boys love the new Weebles (pictured) and the playhouse that Grandma Wendy got them for Christmas. Breckin especially loves to push them around the floor and chase after them. 

7. Don't you just love the bottom of little baby feet, they are so soft, sweet and scrumptious.

8. Is it me or does Breckie look at least 10, the way he is laying on his tummy and kicking his legs? Can't. 

9. Today I registered Dixon for pre school. kmn. Of course, I didn't realize that it takes an act of congress to enroll your child in pre school and I did not bring four of the five needed documents.

10. It is snowing here today and I like it. It makes me feel like it is ok to stay inside, watch Toy Story twice and lay on the couch. 


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

is this thing on?

Here are two real time pics of the men of the hour. 
One just before his shower, and one right after his. 
Yes, my almost three year old still has wubba...but you may notice that the whole paci is cut off...
He still likes to hold it to his cheek and snuggle. 
And throw it out of his crib and scream for it. 
And yes, my almost three year old is still in his crib. 
{Is this ok?}
He seems to like it and has never climbed out. 
But I think it is time. 
Big boy bed time. 
While we are on the almost three year old I also need to say he hates everything potty, underwear, ect. 
This could be interesting. 
Stay tunned. 
He is also wearing his Star Wars shirt, who are his guys of the week. 
Two weeks ago was Bat man. 
Last week was helicopters.
Why yes, that is laundry on the top of my couch and I am pretty sure it has been there for at least six days.

Oh and yes it does appear that Breckie needs a hair cut, doesn't it?
And his hair is mighty red in that pic, in real life it appears much more strawberry blonde. 
I am holding off on the haircut with hopes of little toddler curls. 
Pretty sure it is not going to happen, except for when he gets out of the shower and I scrunch it up. 
I may need to use mousse. 
And possibly a diffuser. 
He is working on some major teeth. Major. 
All to no avail. 
I am pretty sure D had most of his teeth by his age. 
He also refuses to walk. 
On his feet that is, because he does walk {and dance for that matter} on his knees. 
It is almost spring break and you have no idea how grateful I am. 
No idea. 
We are not going anywhere major, but I am planning some small adventures, for my small men. 

I am having a wedding shower for my sister, Tasha. 
It will not be as big as the shower of the century. 
But it IS Tiffany themed. 
Normally I am not a theme kind of girl. 
Unless the the theme is T and CO, that is.