Friday, February 26, 2010

he get it from his mama...

Being high maintenance that is.

Poor baby Brex has so many issues going on right now that it is a full time job to keep up with his eating/massage/soaking/medicine schedule!

He is still really not eating much, we switched to soy formula, but now we are back to sensitive. When he eats it seems almost painful for him. He is being treated for acid reflux. Right now he gets 1 ml of Zantac twice a day.

He has only had dirty diapers once a week for the past three weeks and last time he needed a suppository. For this we are doing constant belly and lower back massages and he is getting 1-2 ounces of a "P" juice per day.

He has an ingrown toenail. When we went to the dr. for it they said that they usually work themselves out on babies, but it has gotten worse. We rub Neosporin on it often and now we soak it in Epsom salt for 5 minutes four times per day.

NOW as of yesterday Breckin has Thrush. Now this should be an easy fix. Dixon had it a few times and with Nyastin 4 times daily, it will clear up just fine.

So if you are wondering why I am not keeping up with my blog it's because I am very busy being a massage therapist, a nail tech, a dietitian, medicine dispenser, suppository giver, and mom to the sweetest almost 2 month old baby there is. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

adventures in babysitting.

Last weekend, while Adam and I went car shopping (decided on keeping jetta) we dropped our darling boys off with my Aunt Darcy, Uncle Marty and their two boys Casey and Carter.

In the time before Casey and Cater, it was my sister Tasha and I who were being dropped of at Aunt Darcy for a day of fun. I only wish I could find copies of the old glamour shots and insert them here. Tasha and Aunt Darcy's of course, not mine! :)

*Side note* Did you ever get Glamour Shots? What happened to that place?

Aunt Darcy is always SO eager to babysit the boys and LOVES getting to spend time with them. We were lucky that it was not snowing and warm enough for the big boys to take Dixon out to their backyard for his first sledding experience. They have the most perfect hill! As you can see, Dixon was giggling the whole way down.


Baby Brecks was inside snug as a bug in a rug. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is Mari. She is my cousin too. She is buddies with Dani. She was jealous. I love them equally. 

Love you Mars.

Monday, February 15, 2010


This is Dani, she has a zest for life. 

She is my cousin, our dads are brothers. 

She is almost 16 and a sophomore in the high school where I teach. 

School has brought us closer together, which I love.

It is her life's goal to be featured on my blog.


You're welcome, Dani.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


L is for the way you look at me.

O is for the only one I see.

V is very very extra ordinary.

E is even more than anyone that you adore.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

6 (+1)

Dearest Breckin,

Today you are 6 whole weeks old (plus one day)! I can not believe that it has gone by so fast! At six weeks you are truly a bundle of joy! During the day you have lots of quiet awake time. You have really not set up a napping routine yet, just whenever you fall in and out of sleep. Nights are another story, you usually wake up every 3-4 hours. Can we change this before I go back to work in one week?

You have been to the dr. twice since coming home. You are having tummy troubles, just like your brother did at your age. We have been putting dark Karo syrup in your bottle twice a day and that seems to do the trick! The second time was for your skin (which I thought was a rash). It was just a newborn breakout. While I was there I talked to Dr. Amy about your night time fussiness and unwillingness to eat. We think you might have acid indigestion, so now you are taking an antacid twice a day.

Your big brother Dixon is still pretty uninterested in you. He mostly just pretends his is still an only child. But everyone says once you get bigger you will be best buddies. Every once in a while he will give you knucks, or a high five, or even a kiss.

Your dad has been back to work for 4 weeks and I have to go back in exactly one week. I am going to miss being at home with you so much. You will be in good hands with Grandma Gayle and Grandpa Dan. You will also get to meet your new little buddy Collin, when you get there!

Six weeks (and one day) ago my heart doubled in size. I love you more that you could ever imagine (until you have a little one of your own) (when you are 25). You have filled our lives with joy and excitement. Your dad and I can not imagine our family without you. :)



Wednesday, February 10, 2010

out of the running, once again.

You may remember {this} post where I blogged about being out of the running for mother of the year 2009. Now it looks like I can kiss the award goodbye for 2010 as well.

Wednesday was my birthday...3 more years until the big one...;(

It had been a great day. The boys took extra long naps and were little angels. We had mexican with Grandma Wendy and Uncle Jackson, which was also my last supper. We then went to Grandma Wendy's for french silk pie! This is when it all went south...

First Dixon had one of his famous poopsplosions, which required all his clothes (including socks) be removed. With no extra clothes, Dixon was changed into one of Aunt Maddy's t-shirts (an adult small). At this point I was still feeling pretty confident with my parenting skills. Even though I didn't have any extra clothes...everyone was still having a good time.

I was holding Breckin in my lap on the chair and Dixon was asking for me to pick him up. So I grabbed his lower arms to pick him up onto my lap as well. Dixon then began screaming his bloody brains out and did not stop until about 8:30 the next morning.

I held it together pretty well until we arrived at the ER...where the receptionist was grilling me about what happened...I sure she wasn't really...but that's what it felt like. Then my guilt took over and Dixon and I were both sobbing messes.

That's when Grandpa Donnie met us can always count on him. ;) He also made me feel better by telling me the story of when Grandma Patty stabbed him in the foot with a garden tool. ;)

Dixon with his adult shirt on, wrapped in a blanket, was handling all of this pretty well. When the Dr. and nurse came into look at it she said she heard a snap and that was the elbow going back into place, but he was feeling NO relief! She then called in the x-ray tech who happened to be my good friend since infancy, Jenny! She helped me to feel a lot better and at least I knew that she would plead with them not to call DHS, that in fact I was a competent mama. 

We were sent home, Dixon still feeling no relief.  My dad waited with us until Adam got home from work. It was a long night and Dixon was in pain. I remember going into his room and he was screaming with wubba in his bad arm, because he couldn't lift him to his mouth. ;(

Early the next morning we went to see Dr. Amy. OuR beloved peditrician. She was able to slip Dixon's elbow back into place and in 10 minutes he was back to his usual self.

You know...this guy...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

saftey first.

Here is the source I have been using to become a more cautious blogger...

{Urth Mama} had images of her children stolen from her blog and used on someone else's blog. The thief blogger said they were her own children. Now that is SCARY!

{In this post} and {this one too} Urth Mama gives many tips and I am excited to implement some of them!

I would try to explain it here...but she can explain it way better than me!

I also found how to make pictures "unclickable" (if that is a word). I do not know how to explain it...I just googled "making blogger images unclickable". It involves switching to html before you publish and deleting a portion of the code. I just had to play around with it, but I am sure that I will become a pro!

Next up, thinking on blog nicknames for my fam!

Any ideas???

Thanks {Ashley} for the idea...Lala for me! Lala the mama! Love it!



If you have known me for any period of time, you will say that I am a worrier, to say the least. I worry about all types of things. I have always worried.

When I first heard in Sunday school that the world would end I was worried sick, literally. I went to the bathroom at church and got sick and cried. I was so worried.

Later in middle school my Grandma Kay gave me these "worry dolls" that you were suppose to tell your worries to and they would keep them.

I worry about family, friends, money, situations out of my control, health, ect, ect, ect. Sometimes if I am not worrying, I actually think to myself, "What do I need to worry about?"

This feeling has only been magnified since becoming a parent. I have a whole new list of things to worry about. I worry about all kinds of things with my boys. Some things I share, some I don't. I worry that if I share them I will worry other people.

I have inherited the worry trait from my dad. He too worries about all things. So it is no surprise he has put it into my head to worry about my blog. Do I tell too much? Who is reading it?

I have already taken some precautions, not saying the name of my town, not showing the front of my house or street...ect. I have also thought about changing my blog to private. But that has been my favorite part about blogging, connecting with new people and re connecting with old friends.

Since I have been home on maternity leave I have been reading the discussions in Mckmama's BlogFrog, and doing some of my own research. As I learn more and figure out more, things will change on my blog.

I have made a mental list of the things I would like to change. Some I know how to do, I just need to find the time and others I need to learn how to accomplish.

For instance, there will be no more right click on my blog.

To go along with this, I need to start uploaded pictures from Flickr or another site that can't be linked to.

I also need to watermark my future photos.

It might be too late for this, but I wish our names weren't posted on our blog. I have found how to change our names to "nicknames" on our blog, but it may be more difficult to change the url.

So don't be surprised if you come back someday and things have changed. It will be one less thing for me to worry about. ;)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



Currently this one is just as busy as can be. 
He continues to avoid his baby brother, however he does interact with him about once per day. 
He is still the strong silent type, but we know he will be talking it up in no time. 
He has become a night owl (wanting to wait until daddy gets home to sleep) and a resistant napper (not wanting to miss one.single.second of action). 
Our darling Dixon has become in love with the movie "Cars." He prefers to hold Lightning as he watches the movie. 
He also loves to read books and point to all of the words and pictures and look at you to hear what they are. 
He nows the letter "D" and says it whenever his diaper is changed, pointing to the "D" on his wall. 
Dixon eats only items that can be dunked in ketchup and baked beans, and waffles of course. 
He will be two in a little over 2 is this possible!?!
Our biggest boy loves to draw and color, usually on his magnadoodle here at home. ;)
Dixon loves to play rough and tumble with daddy and cuddle bug with mommy. 

Our big buddy continues to light up our lives and capture the hearts of all he meets. 
We are smitten.