Sunday, March 29, 2009

of vacations and hineys

Dixon LOVED the hotel window!


Daddy getting the shark's attention... :)

Uncle Jackson!

The cutest little bear in the WHOLE zoo!!

Early on Wednesday morning Adam, Jackson, Dixon and I packed up Grandma Wendy's car to the brim and headed up north for a BIG adventure. Our first stop was the Minnesota Zoo. There were a ton of activities to do inside...but I think Dixon's favorite was the enormous fish tank that he could crawl right over to a lean up against! He loved to watch the fish swim by! At this point in the trip the frigid temps had not set in, so we decided to take a quick trip around the outdoor tour. We were able to see Brown Bears wrestling in the water inches away (protected by THICK glass, of course!).

We left the zoo and headed for our next stop, the hotel. We barely even set our bags down and Adam and Jackson were ready to head off to the water park. They had fun going down HUGE water slides and riding waves on the surf simulator. While Dixon and I relaxed in the big pool and played in the 3 inch deep water!

As soon as Kayla was done with work we went out to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Dixon LOVED looking at all of the decor and plus there were more fish tanks!

We all slept great that night! When we woke up Thursday morning we headed right back down to the water park. Dixon LOVES being in the water, he is our little fish! Then it was off to IKEA, the boys did not find this as exciting as I did...but we made it! Tired from all the shopping, we went back to the hotel and all took BIB BEAR naps. We met Kayla again for dinner, at Outback (yum!). And Kayla and I managed to get some shopping of our own in at the MOA!

We woke up early in the morning and were headed back south by 8 am. We have been trying to recover ever since! Grandma Wendy and Aunt Maddy arrived home from Europe yesterday and Grandma Gayle and Aunt Natalie are coming home from Disney World today...

AHHHH....back to normalcy!


In other breaking news...Dixon has his first diaper rash! If you made it through the enthralling vacation update without clicking the back button...I need your miracle cure for diaper rash.

As of today I have used....Butt Paste, Hiney Healer, Plender's, Aquaphor, Desitin, A&D, Desitin mixed with A&D, and Aveeno on a rotating basis.

PLEASE let me know what works on your little one's hineys!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stellan name gallery

When Stellan was first sick, MckMama started a name gallery...where people would create Stellan's name out of found objects. I tried to create his name out of Tiffany boxes, but came up short. Go figure! I settled for making Stellan a faux Tiffany add with his name! Visit this site to see what other people have created for Sweet Stellan! Or go to the original gallery here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're going on a bear hunt....

Actually we have already been on our bear hunt and were inches away from BIG Brown Bears wrestling around in the water! Well there was a VERY think pane of glass between us! We also played at the water park, went to the Mall of America to eat at Rainforest Cafe with Kayla, today we are going back to the water park, IKEA, and out to eat! We will need a weekend to rest up before heading back to the real world! I will put pics up when we return back home! :)


If you do not read MckMama's blog, Stellan is having some serious heart problems. Please head over to to read up on sweet Stellan and pray for the entire MckFamily.

Prayers for Stellan

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's hear it for the boy!

The boy can give you a hand!
That's right...Dixon has mastered the skill of clapping!
It is so amazing to watch him grow and learn...hopefully a video to come soon...with the boss's cooperation. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A great place to start.

Dixon was LOVING the swing at the park this last weekend! He would squeal and laugh as he went higher and higher. We are having a blast showing Dixon all the wonders of the great outdoors, now that the weather is warming up! We have so many places we want to take Dixon, and plans for him to experience...but for today we will start on the baby swings.
This really is the good life.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I think I'll go for a walk outside now.

LOVE those cheekies!!!

The Rad Dad.

Max Attacks and Dixon!

Mommy and Baby Boy...:)

One of our favorite activities,when the weather cooperates is taking walks. It was such a beautiful day yesterday we were ready to get outside! We had Max with us and he had fun walking lady and pushing Dixon. We are SO ready for Spring at the Alexander house!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hi Dixon!!!

It really never gets old to wave at Dixon from across the room and watch him wail his arm in excitement back at you!!! I just can't help but thinking that he is SO smart! We really are trying to loose the Wubba...but we had a crash right before this taping...don't worry...I will not send him to Kindergarten with a stuffed animal hanging out of his mouth! ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How old am I?

Yesterday in my study hall I was working away on my computer when a student came up to me and said....

"Mrs. Alexander, can you Google something for me?"

I replied, "Sure Ben. For what?"

"I want you to look up P.O.G. I got this thing out of a quarter machine and it says P.O.G. all over it."

As I type in "P.O.G" I begin to think that this looks very familiar. Then it pops into my brain...POGS!

I scream...Ben you have a Pog. He looks at me like I am a crazy high school teacher (this is becoming the norm). I am amazed that neither he nor anyone else in the study hall has ever heard of the game of Pogs!!?! They are all looking at me like I am crazy, when Ben says " So, is this thing worth any money?"

What? Something I grew up playing is NOT old enough to be worth any money! I am both shocked and offended! Shocked that I am 10 years older than these kids and offended that they are aware of this fact!

Reminiscing about good old Pogs made my mind travel back to other toys/images of my youth that seem to have disappeared....

Ahhhhh...the good old days...:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

W squared.

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Waving and walking that is...

Yep...our big boy has started doing both of these things! Well, if walking means taking 2 steps from the couch to the table...I don't know exactly what qualifies as walking, but he is darn close. But he really is waving...he is growing WAY too fast and is an absolute thrill to be around!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Come paint with me...

Last night as Adam and I were painting the bathroom, I was reminded of a similar time. About 2.5 years ago we got possession of our house. Our signing was at 5:00 pm, after we signed the papers we moved a mattress on to the guest bedroom floor and we were in paradise! We spent the next 36 hours painting the ENTIRE house (interior), just us.
We should have been exhausted, but we weren't we were THRILLED about the idea of owning our very own house. I thought I could NEVER fill 967 square feet. However, now I am eating those words!
As I was thinking/painting last night, I remembered what our first weeks/months were like in our new home....
We moved in with no oven, refridgerator, washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, ect, ect...
We did not even give it a second thought, we wanted to be in!
I would take my laundry to my moms.
It was December, so our garage served as our walk in refridgerator.
We ate at our parents or ordered out.
Slowly we began to acquire these necessary MUCH more.
After we settled in it was 6 months until the wedding, after that it was 9 months (and 6 days;)) until Dixon was born. It has been a whirlwind adventure, but worth every minute...:)


Liver update!

Good news! I am not diseased! We in my liver any way! I just got back from the doctor and he thinks a medicine that is causing the high liver enzymes...So I will get of the medication and continue to monitor my liver enzymes and pray that they stabilize/go down!

When I say say liver!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

One Elle of a show!

I LOVED Legally Blonde it was totally amazing! Grandma Wendy, Aunt Tasha, Aunt Maddy and I all went for a girl's night out. We had to re schedule our tickets and ended up in the very first row! It was a wonderful night of laughs and sisterhood! I just had tears coming out of my nose!! I have been singing this song ever since...I thought I would share it with you...