Saturday, October 30, 2010

d and b meet r.

An eternity ago the last time we were all healthy, we had the pleasure of a visit from Tasha, Eric and their sweet baby girl Reese! Dixon was smitten with her. He loved to touch her little face and toes. He also loved her girl wubba! 

This picture below just kills me. It's like he is saying "Oh man, down another spot on the totem poll." 


Mr. Breckies had much of the same reaction that Dixon did to his new sweet cousin. However he did just not want to touch her. He wanted to grab her and not let go. :)

 These guys are going to have a blast together in the years to come.

No blog post with family would be complete without a picture of cousin Dani, hamming it up. ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

of trigger thumbs and bailey buttons.

Last Tuesday as I was scurrying to get to the volleyball game I was suppose to score, I stopped to fix pick up Dixon's favorite meal, Subway meatballs. Dixon was trying to get my attention in the back seat and I thought he was pointing at something. So I tried to give him every.single.thing I could get my hands on. He wouldn't take any of it. Then I noticed he was showing me his hand.

When we got to Grandma Wendy's I inspected his hands and I noticed that neither of his thumbs would go straight. They were both stuck in the bent position right at his knuckle. I was paniced. I didn't know if I should take him to the ER or make an appointment for the next day. Well, I did neither. I knew that Mr. C would let me have it if I was late for the volleyball game, so I dropped off the boys and forgot about the non bending thumbs until Wednesday night when I told Adam.

His worry was enough for me to make an appointment with our good old friend, Dr. L (Dixon's arm dr.). Between the time I made the appointment and when we went in on Friday I had already self-diagnosed Dixon as Trigger Thumb. I had researched all possibilities, read studies and cried. I know Trigger Thumb is a minimal issue, but it is hard to think that something is wrong with your child and I was so worried about surgery.

So it was back to Dr. L's office we went last Friday and he confirmed my diagnosis suspisions, that Dixon did indeed have Trigger Thumb and would be operated on Friday to release his tendons.

Dr. L explained it by saying that Dixon has a size 6 tendon and a size 4 tunnel for the tendon to fit through. He would go in and make the tunnel bigger so the tendon could glide in and out with ease. He also told me that he does a procedure that would require no incision. He said that with the little fingers and tendons he can use a VERY small knife to go in and clip the tunnel and he would only need band aids.

This was a lot for this mama to take in, all in a matter of days...

The next logical step for me was Von Maur. So I lugged my boys into the shoe section and bought these beauties that I have been drooling over eyeing for the past two years.Without even trying them on.

Ahhhhhhh, retail therapy.

Fast forward one week.

We dropped Breckie off this morning at Grandma Gayle's and Adam and I took Dixon into the big city for his minor surgery. Dixon did really well. He was not happy when they took him from us to the operating room. I must say that I wasn't either. I wasn't sure that he would forgive me for that. Luckily he has. ;)

When he woke up from the anestesia he was crying very hard, they said that this was normal for little ones. He got some good medicine and has been doing well at home, minus throwing up on Daddy.

And don't worry Dixon is not one bit upset about missing trick or treat, for reasons I will outline in a future post. ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my punkin heads

Pumpkin patch adventures 2010.

The perfect pumpkin.

Dixon's favorite part was playing in the corn...he refused to get out so I had to climb in there an get him. ;)

How dare I try to get a picture with both boys!

Dixon LOVED the hay rack ride...looking at the camera...not so much.

Adam insisted on picking out the LARGEST mum available. I pleaded to get a mum that would not make our house look like a doll house, but he insisted on the mumasaurus. 
On our way out, at least five people stopped us to tell us how beautiful our mum was. 
Let's just say, now the mumasaurus is his pride and joy. :) 

Monday, October 18, 2010

from postal to thankful.

This picture is very representative of our week,  last week. He's lost his head. He has done it all with one arm behind his back missing. He is still standing, still fighting.

Both of my darling boys have been sick and I have had some of my hardest days as a mom. I was running on zero sleep and even less patience.

Contrary to what many moms would like you to believe from their blogs and facebook posts, being a mom is not all rainbows, lollipops and kitty cats.

It is hard work. Hard, thankless, exhausting work.

It is difficult, but at the end of the day we have to remember that even when we feel that we are "close to postal" we need to be thankful. 

So this week I have moved from postal to thankful. 

Thankful that my biggest problems are snotty noses and ear infections. 

Thankful that I have babies to wake me in the night.

Thankful that even though we are two ships passing in the night, that my husband and I both have jobs. 

This week I will be back to my cute picture posting, funny captioning self. 

Wait for it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

striped shirt boys take aunt madi to the zoo.

One cool September morning I text Aunt Madi and told her that we didn't have school and asked her to meet us at the zoo. Let's just say I didn't have to twist her arm. The boys had so much fun with her and she with them. They really are a match made in heaven.

Have I ever mentioned how awesome it is to have a sister 8 years younger?

As you can tell from the animation...we are sisters...;)

Getting a picture of two little boys wearing matching shirts was a much greater feat than I anticipated. All I have to say is good luck next weekend Missy! ;)

Dixon would much rather be on the run...

...and Breckie would rather be snuggled down. 

PS....This will be one of the last posts featuring the infamous red Crocs! Dixon is on his 8th day of real is a 10 step program that is working wonders! ;)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


is a stage. 

 is rough when you are the little brother.

is good.