Monday, January 21, 2013

Of bad Cinderellas and baby cooking...


A little over a week ago, my mom and I packed up my boys and headed up north to see my sister, her darling divas, her husband, and their new house! 

The boys were excellent passengers...thanks to modern technology and junk food. 

Breckin thoroughly enjoyed playing with all of Reese and Charlotte's foreign toys.   
He even put on dress up Cinderella heels and declared in a deep growly voice...
"I'm a BAD Cinderella!"

On the same note, Dixon picked up a baby doll ever so gently and as I was saying what a good daddy he was...he walked over to the Fisher Price kitchen and stated that he was going to "cook this baby."

Oy vey. 

Dixon, not feeling so well, was snuggled up most of the weekend. 

We got out of the house once with the kids to swim, and another for an adult girls only trip to Target {bliss}, but most of the trip was spent just like this...

Or fighting over toys...;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013


InstaChristmas fits this post well for multiple reasons...

I have misplaced/lost my camera...I am still hoping that it will turn up...:)

This holiday season went by faster than any other! The boys enjoyed every minute of every holiday event, while I tried to hold on for the ride and snap a few pics with my trusty iPhone.

 Right before Christmas break we had two glorious snow days. They added two days to the end of our school year, but I am never one to turn down a snow day. :)
 The boys just soaked in all of the joy this holiday season and it was so fun to watch them. They truly have child like amazement with all things Christmas and seeing them excited was really the best gift of all.
We went back to see the big guy for a second time because Dixon forgot to tell him something and every time someone asked him what he wanted for Christmas, his response was, "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, but I forgot to tell Santa." We all felt much better once he got that off his chest.

Christmas day was busy as usual, but not as hectic which was so nice. We were able to enjoy each other more and the boys had plenty time to play with their new toys and enjoy lots of family time.


I worked the three days after Christmas at my other office job while the boys enjoyed playing with all of their newest toys. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three years of Big B.

On the eve of Breckin's third birthday I made this collage of my favorite pics of my sweet second born. It was so fun going through old pictures...what memories! 

At three years old Breckie definitely keeps us on our toes. He wants to be doing what ever Dixon is doing/looking at/thinking of doing. Honestly though, they do play pretty well together.  He is constantly asking for either salad or popsicles, and when I say constantly I mean 3 am, 6 am, 3 pm, 9 pm...constantly!

My favorite thing about the three year old Breckin is his zest for life...

Every morning when he wakes up and calls me into his room he asks, "It wake up time, Mommy?" When I tell him yes, he responds with YAY! Don't you wish we could all wake up with that kind of excitement to start each day. I sure do.

No matter how many good snapshots I get of Breck, this one is still my all time favorite. 

Fresh out of the oven and pure perfection.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm back in business and it feels so good! 

I have missed the blogosphere oh so much and keeping up with all of my bloggy friends. 

I'm not quite sure what happened, but I am ready to get back on track with a lot of things, the blog being one of them!

We had a great holiday complete with two additional days, due to snow. I was also able to get three days in at my other job and spend tons of time with my darlings. And aren't they darling...